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Mr Sudhir Gupta is the owner of Dream Telecommunication Pvt Ltd, under the banner of this company he runs a brand named DreamONN. 
Mr Sudhir firmly believes in the saying "Don't wait for an opportunity rather create one" Which has led to the tremendous success of his brand.  The wheels started rolling a few months back when he thought to enhance his brand's reach in the online market, after days of research and understanding, he concluded, AmazingWeb.Design
We shook hands on a very pious day of December 2019, ever since then he successfully sells more than 100 pieces of coolers and LED TV of his brand per month in the online market. 
It all starts with an effort to do different and the very sense to upgrade leads you to the path of glory. 
Mr Sudhir has not yet been affected by the nationwide lockdown and continues to absorb the advantage of AmazingWeb. Our creative ideology and attractive development and promotion have helped Mr Sudhir, make his company's roots deeper in the online market. Luckily, under our able guidance, he will soon be able to tie up with world-class, renowned companies like Flipkart, Amazon etc. 
His success story will never stop here because he has a vast section of the online market to explore in the near future.


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Success Story - DreamONN...


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